The SalsaLisa Improvers Course

Building On Your Skills Quickly and Effectively

Start here if you already have a basic understanding of Salsa steps and patterns. With just under an hour of teaching, designed in manageable Modules, you can follow along with SalsaLisa at your own speed. You can watch moves and techniques and pause and rewind to your hearts content. You'll have all the moves down before you know it. The best bit is that you can come back whenever you like to refresh your memory or revisit those moves when ever you like. You will also be able to download your own Salsa track from SalsaLisa, as used in the teaching video sections, so you can dance away and practice those new skills in real time.

Course curriculum

The Shortcut To Building Your Skills Fast

  • 1

    Improvers Course

    • Module 1. Getting Started.

    • Mambo Magic. Your Free Practice Track

    • Module 2. Footwork, 'Shines'.

    • Module 3. Partner Work & Putting It All Together

    • Module 4. Awesome Hints & Tips